Client libraries and other downloads

We provide a number of java client libraries for popular web frameworks and application servers which can be downloaded from this page or referenced using Maven. All libraries are available in Maven central, see the documentation for more information. We are open to new ideas so if you would like us to support a particular technology please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Java Servlet Filter

Servlet Filter – A standard j2ee filter that can be used to secure webapps. This filter can be used with all command based frameworks (spring mvc, struts etc). click here for full documentation (SHA-1)

Filter Example – A trivial web application (WAR) that illustrates the use of the Cloudseal filter. Be sure to read the enclosed README (SHA-1)


The Cloudseal Spring Security extension allows you to add Cloudseal authentication and single sign on to your Spring security powered apps. A simple namespace makes configuration a breeze. Documentation can be found here

Spring Extension 1.1 - Compatible with Spring Security 3.1.x. (SHA-1)

Spring example webapp - Compatible with Spring Security 3.1.x. (SHA-1)


If you are unable to use Spring Security and instead need to rely on standard J2EE security we recommend our Tomcat authenticator. This library is fully integrated with the core Tomcat architecture and is simple to install and configure. Documentation can be found here

Tomcat 7 authenticator – Compatible with Tomcat 7+ (SHA-1)

Tomcat example – Trivial webapp illustrating the Cloudseal valve config for Tomcat. (SHA-1)


Java SDK (Rest Client) – The Java SDK used for managing users via the REST interface. It’s possible to make REST calls using standard HTTP calls however this library simplifies integration. (SHA-1)