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Full identity solution
AuthenticationCloudseal includes full identity management and SSO including user, group and role management via a web console and REST api / Java SDK
Fraud protection
Fraud protection featuresOur advanced fraud protection filters will look out for suspicious activity and take steps to verify the identity of the user, keeping your apps safe and secure [1]
Client libraries
Java client librariesWe offer client libraries for standard J2EE servlet applications, apps running on Apache Tomcat and applications protected by Spring Security
Quick setup
Easy to useBecause we handle all the infrastructure you can be up and running in less than an hour. Save yourself the headache and let us do the work!
Easy to skinGet the exact look and feel you want. You can easily edit the CSS and advanced users can even edit the underlying HTML and email templates [1]
Strong authentication
Two factor authenticationCloudseal offers Multi factor authentication You can adopt the same technology used by banks, finance companies and governments [1]
It's free!
FreeThe core Cloudseal platform is completely free and includes full user management, authentication and single sign on
No Contract
No ContractCancel your premium plan at any time. We don't lock you into lengthly contracts, so you can try the features of our advanced plans at no risk
Secure algorithmsHacking is a real threat today, Cloudseal is protected by firewalls, reverse proxies, DMZs and advanced cryptography to keep your data safe and secure.

[1] premium plans only